Athlete of the week

Name: Emi Roberti

Category: Bodybuilding Under 80kg

Bio: "I grew up in a world of competition and from an early age, learnt the importance of self discipline. I started out swimming competitively but quickly moved on to basketball and athletics, but it wasn't until I was introduced to powerlifting, that my love for weight training was fuelled. In my late 20's I began to model, both within fashion and fitness industry, so the sport of bodybuilding seemed the obvious progression. Having stood on the international stage as a competitor, I understand what it takes to go next level and there is nothing that I have not experienced myself in the pursuit of progression and improvement. It is these attributes that I believe make a great coach. I am continually amazed by the human body and what each one of us is able to achieve with knowledge and a positive mind set. Our greatest asset is ourselves, so make the time to invest."