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The United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (UKBFF) is part of the largest bodybuilding and fitness organisation in the world – the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), which was founded in 1946 by Ben and Joe Weider and has national federations in 196 countries.

Event Schedule

The UKBFF stages a full programme of regional and national events each year, including the British Championships, which takes place in Nottingham every October. Previous champions include Dorian Yates, Lisa Cross, Flex Lewis, Nina Ross, Nathan De Asha and Ryan Terry. And the list goes on with many incredible names of British champions.

Successful amateur competitors get the opportunity to compete internationally at the Arnold Classic Europe, Arnold Classic South Africa and various IFBB Diamond Cups, as well as the IFBB World Championships, European Championships and Masters and Junior World Championships, and numerous other prestigious events.

The British Overall Champions are eligible for a IFBB Elite Pro card. There are also IFBB Elite Pro cards for the Overall Champions at the above mentioned IFBB international events. All information about ELITE PRO events are to be found on:

UKBFF members are welcome to compete at regional contests, where the best athletes will be invited to compete at the British Championships. For dates of this year's events click here:

UKBFF Events

The following categories are in the UKBFF British Championships (note that there are fewer classes at qualifying events).


·         Male bodybuilding; five weight classes – 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg and over 100 kg

·         Junior men 16-23 years of age

·         Masters men over 40 years of age and over 50 years of age

·         Intermediate men up to 85 kg and over 85 kg

·         Classic bodybuilding and Classic Physique men: various height classes


·         Up to 174 cm

·         Up to 178 cm

·         Up to 182 cm

·         Over 182 cm

·         Juniors 16-23 years

·         Masters over 40 years


·         Up to 163 cm and over 163 cm

·         Masters Bodyfitness over 35 years


·         Up to 162 cm

·         Up to 166 cm

·         Up to 169 cm

·         Over 169 cm

·         Junior 16–23 years

·         Masters over 35 years



·         Up to 163 cm and over 163 cm


·         Up to 163 cm and over 163 cm

The categories classic bodybuilding and classic physique have height to weight restrictions.

The winners of all the categories at the British Championships, each receive a class title of British champion. The height or weight class winners in each category compete against each other for the overall title of their category and the right to apply for an IFBB Elite Pro card.

Top 6 in the British are eligible to compete in various international IFBB events, such as the Arnold Classic Europe and Arnold Classic South Africa. Entry to these events is only available through the IFBB.

Other qualifiers with invites for the IFBB International events are the Sugars Classic, the English Amateur Grand Prix and UK Nationals.

The UKBFF also sends teams to the IFBB European Championships and the IFBB World Championships. These competitions are drug tested. Athletes are selected at the UK Nationals and are subject to random drug testing.

Competitors representing the UKBFF at the European or World Championships have all their expenses paid by the UKBFF.

Any UK athlete, who is a class winner at the World Championships or the European Championships is eligible to apply for a pro card through the UKBFF. UK competitors that win the overall at other IFBB invitational pro qualifiers, such as the Arnold Classic Europe or IFBB Diamond Cups, can apply to the UKBFF executive committee to be considered for pro status. Pro status will only be granted with the approval of the UKBFF and the IFBB headquarters.

The UK Nationals is a qualifier for IFBB international and invitational events and random drug-testing is performed according to the WADA code. The UKBFF has been conducting drug-testing since 1986.

The UKBFF is here to promote a healthy lifestyle and does not condone the use of performing enhancing substances.

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