Scottish Championships

by John Plummer

Photography by Billy Cullen

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Three invites to the Arnold Classic Europe were awarded at the Scottish Championships in Dundee.

The event wasn't an official Arnold qualifier but the judges have the right at all UKBFF events to award invites to the big show in Barcelona to anyone deemed deserving – and few could dispute the quality of the recipients: junior bodybuilder Sam Mulla, wellness athlete Stella Eduvie and men's physique competitor Davide Nuzzo.

Promoter Harry Ogg organised a smooth, professional event, which was emceed with humour and panache by actor Iain Leslie.

The show began with father-and-son bagpipers marching into the Bonar Hall. Harry's seven-year-old daughter Ava then gave a dazzling gymnastic routine before the muscle action got underway.


The first Arnold invite went to junior winner Sam Mulla, from Carlisle, who is a young man with a big future. Sam displayed good muscularity for a junior but what really impressed were his clean lines, excellent presentation and conditioning, with deep cuts in his sizeable quads.

Up to 90 kg champion Andrew Chappell had a brilliant, muscle-packed physique with eye-catching legs and great stage presence.

Rich King nailed his condition to win the masters over 40s, Rich has a pleasing, balanced shape that his dryness accentuated. His front lat spread was particularly impressive. Rich doubled up by later winning the up to 80 kg open class.

Peter Cramb, who took the over 50s, displayed good width and muscular quads. Peter, incredibly, is almost 59 and still building muscle.

Leven's Jad Douglas secured an impressive victory in classic bodybuilding. Jad brought a terrific package to the stage that was aesthetic and balanced, with well defined legs. He posed well, too. Jad needed to be on his mettle because runner-up Fraser McLaughlan was sharp.

Masters men’s physique champion Davide Nuzzo.

Masters men’s physique champion Davide Nuzzo.


Remember the name Tunde Hassan... he looked the real deal in winning muscular men's physique with a quality shape and overall aesthetics. He could be a serious threat in this category.

Dylan Cahill had a day to remember by winning both the junior men's physique class and the open class. Dylan may be young but he looked accomplished: well groomed, a nice tapered shape and good abs. Tihomir Tonchev, who was second in the open class, had sculpted a decent shape.

A competitive masters men's physique boiled down to a battle between two contrasting physiques. The harder, more muscular Davide Nuzzo's tattooed torso eventually got the verdict – and an invite to the Arnold Classic Europe – ahead of Duncan Booth, who wasn't as big but displayed his trademark shape and balance.

Classic king Dane McGregor showed a great look that epitomised what this class is about – great lines and good presentation.

Wellness winner Stella Eduvie.

Wellness winner Stella Eduvie.


Stella Eduvie announced her arrival as a force on the wellness scene with a superb victory. Displaying terrific legs, a tiny waist and excellent tan and conditioning she looked a million dollars and was rewarded with an Arnold Classic Europe invitation.

The only criticism of Hawick's Stephanie Common was that she should have smiled more. Stephanie had every reason to look happy – her physique was superb. In fact few women have brought a better shape to the stage this year. Her lower body was particularly stunning, with her hamstrings and glutes giving her rear poses the wow factor as she won the tall bikini fitness class.

Kamila Pawelec, who took the medium height class, had excellent legs and conditioning. Heather Smith, the short class winner, looked good from all angles but really shone in the rear poses thanks to her wonderful glutes and hamstrings.

Recruitment expert Anne Bulmer has been busy recruiting some extra muscle since her successful 2018 season. Anne showed real gains, especially in her legs, to display a pleasing shape in masters bikini fitness. Anne, from Gateshead, just keeps improving.

Stunning Lauryn Jess showed potential in the juniors, where her tall, athletic shape earned an invite to the British Championships.

Bodyfitness champion Indre Urbanaviute used to take academic exams at the Bonar Hall. Today, she passed her bodyfitness examination at the same place with flying colours, displaying a tiny-waisted hourglass shape. Indre is a tall woman and with a couple of years of filling out will be a force.


Junior Bodybuilding

1 Sam Mulla

Junior Bikini Fitness

1 Lauryn Jess

Junior Men's Physique

1 Dylan Cahill

2 Yul Prentice

Masters Bikini Fitness

1 Anne Bulmer


1 Stella Eduvie

Masters Bodybuilding over 40

1 Peter Cramb

Masters Bodybuilding over 50

1 Rich King

Masters Men's Physique

1 Davide Nuzzo

2 Duncan Booth

3 Piotr Strzala

4 Kevin Duffy

5 Daniel Whittaker

Classic Bodybuilding

1 Jad Douglas

2 Fraser McLaughlan


1 Indre Urbanaviute

Bodybuilding up to 80 kg

1 Rich King

2 Atif Afzal

Bodybuilding up to 90 kg

1 Andrew Chappell

Classic Physique

1 Dane McGregor

2 Bradley Skelly

Bikini Fitness up to 164 cm

1 Heather Smith

2 Danielle Lavan

Bikini Fitness up to 169 cm

1 Kamila Pawelec

Bikini Fitness over 169 cm

1 Stephanie Common

Muscular Men's Physique

1 Tunde Hassan

Men's Physique

1 Dylan Cahill

2 Tihomir Tonchev

3 Darren Biggs

4 Yul Prentice