by John Plummer

All roads lead to Nottingham this weekend for the most prestigious and historic event on the British bodybuilding calendar.

The UKBFF British Championships, which date back to the 1970s, is the culmination of a series of qualifying events that began in November last year.

The winners will be added to the list of great names featured below and have the opportunity to take their IFBB Elite Pro cards.

Marta Mila and El Noval, last year’s bikini fitness and men’s physique overall champions, pose backstage with their trophies.

Marta Mila and El Noval, last year’s bikini fitness and men’s physique overall champions, pose backstage with their trophies.

There has been much talk lately about pro cards and the UKBFF's position is clear: pro cards will only be awarded this weekend to the overall champions in each category.

The UKBFF believes pro status should be earned and limited to a select few, just as invitations to the British Championships are also limited.

Registration takes place at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nottingham, which is next to the venue, on Friday between 3pm and 9pm. Competitors can also register on Saturday and Sunday mornings, saving them on travel and hotel fees if it suits them better.

Saturday features all bikini fitness, bodyfitness and men's physique classes, including juniors and masters.

Sunday features all bodybuilding classes, including juniors and masters, classic bodybuilding, classic physique and intermediates, plus fitness and women's physique.

The doors will open for spectators at 9am and the event is due to start at 10am on both days.

Tickets can be ordered from the box office on 0115 9895555 or bought on the day.

If you'd like to book a professional tan, contact Cheryal at or book online at

For professional stage photos by Kevin Horton, fill in this form or you can book at registration.

For videos, contact Joe Hickey on Instagram

Good luck to everyone taking part.


EFBB/UKBFF British Champions


1988 Dorian Yates

1989 Ian Harrison

1990 Gary Shelmerdine

1991 Eddy Ellwood

1992 JD Dowadu

1993 Amoury Francis

1994 Ian Wadley

1995 Ernie Taylor

1996 Shaun Davis

1997 Eddie Abbew

1998 Grant Thomas

1999 Pete Brown

2000 Mike King

2001 Mark Harris

2002 Ricky Welling

2003 Karl Tierney

2004 Paul George

2005 Paul Delahaye

2006 Troy Brown

2007 Flex Lewis

2008 James Llewellin

2009 Zack Khan

2010 Alvin Small

2011 Cecil Croasdaile

2012 Anth Bailes

2013 Ricardo Correia

2014 Nathan De Asha

2015 Sasan Heirati

2016 Luke Sandoe

2017 James Hollingshead

2018 Francis Ketibuah

Female Bodybuilding

1980 – Lyndsay Summers

1981 – Angela Graham

1982 – Brenda Eppey (LW)*

Angela Graham (MW)*

1983 – Della Shahabi (LW)*

Anita Pinnock (MW)*

1984 – Jackie Parish (LW)*

Anita Pinnock (MW)*

1985 – Zoe Warwick

1986 – Marion Bold

1987 – Carrie Jones

1988 – Marion Bold

1989 – Paula Bircumshaw

1990 – Loretta Lomax

1991 – Joanne Lee

1992 – Kimberley-Anne Jones

1993 – Sandra Berry

1994 – Colleen Yates

1995 – Kathy Knopp

1996 – Lohani Rochi

1997 – Nicola Thomas

1998 – Joanna Thomas

1999 – Emma Sue

2000 – Anita Hibberd

2001 – Karen Cameron

2002 – Tereska Browning

2003 – Becky Garrigan

2004 – Wendy McCready

2005 – Karen Spencer

2006 – Michelle Jones

2007 – Venetia Gloux

2008 – Michelle Jones

2009 – Xyleese Burford

2010 – Lisa Cross

2011 - Rene Campbell

2012 – Rosie Harte

2013 – Silvana Imbrogno


2002 Nicole Pitcher and Lynsey Beattie

2003 Inga Neverausskaite

2004 Kizzy Vaines

2005 Liz Kinsella

2006 Irina Cotton

2007 Helen Collins

2008 Irina Cotton

2009 Dawn Scholey

2010 Irina Cotton

2011 Cee Oliver

2012 Jenny Garside

2013 Irina Cotton

2014 Emma Paveley

2015 Emma Paveley

2016 Emma Paveley

2017 Lizzie Martin

2018 Maggie Turner


2003 Gemma Williams

2004 Ronnie Blewitt

2005 Carmen Knights

2006 Claire McKee

2007 Shalmieno Paper

2008 Louise Rogers

2009 Maxine Cook

2010 Maxine Cook

2011 Renata Sulekaite

2012 Nina Ross

2013 Karolina Botkova (short), Eszter Pati (tall)

2014 Michelle Morris (o163cm), Nicky Chin (u163cm)

2015 Michelle Morris (o163cm), Clare Barks (u163cm)

2016 Natasha McFarlane (o163cm), Eva Motie (u163cm)

2017 Samantha Forbes (up to 163 cm and overall), Anna Banks (over 163cm)

2018 Kristy Sanderson (over 163cm and overall), Charley Wright (up to 163cm)

Classic Bodybuilding

2007 Sean Ferguson

2008 Tom Batty

2009 Bobby Khan

2010 Harry Ogg (o175cm), Kevin Gillespie (u175cm)

2011 Michael Hannam (o175cm), Will Monzeer (u175cm)

2012 Rus Ali (tall), Piotr Jablonski (short)

2013 Richard Dickerson (u175cm), Zack McGuirk (o175cm)

2014 Lee Frapple (u175cm), Owen Powell (o175cm)

2015 Omid Kiani (o178cm), Phil Shankster (u178cm)

2016 Andrew Fisher (o178cm), Piotr Jablonski (u178cm)

2017 Andrew Doyle (up to 178cm and overall), Jonathan Lofthouse

2018 Austin Williams

Bikini Fitness

2011 Heather Schofield

2012 Beth Workman (u163 cm), Melissa Heywood (o163 cm)

2013 Nina Ross (o163cm),

2O14 Ruth Dales

2015 Karina Skowronska

2016 Alla Meijer

2017 Tanya Barrett

2018 Marta Mila

Men’s Physique

2013 Ryan Terry (short), Ashley Grant (tall)

2014 Ryan John-Baptiste

2015 Charlie Francis

2016 Abies Nosa

2017 Olawale Shotubo

2018 El Noval

Women’s Physique

2013 Ria Ward

2014 Sarah Williams

2015 Carly Thornton

2016 Lorna MacDonald

2017 Donna Murphy

2018 Andrea Corbett

Muscular Men's Physique

2016 Jason Thompson

2017 Curtis Brown

2018 Mahmoud Elmawardy


2017 Shannon Mackie

2018 Alaura Galeru

Classic Physique

2018 Paul Harris