For somebody who has only competed once, Carter Cotterill has made quite an impact.

Carter displayed major league muscle for a 21-year-old when he won the junior bodybuilding category at the UKBFF Classic Championships in St Albans, Hertfordshire on Sunday.

The judges awarded him an invite not only to this year's British Championships, in his native Nottingham, but also to the Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona.


Side chest pose. PHOTO by Christopher Bailey.

Side chest pose. PHOTO by Christopher Bailey.

Carter Lee Cotterill

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 188 cm / 6 ft 2

CONTEST WEIGHT: 115 kg / 254 lbs

BEST CONTEST RESULT: UKBFF British Championships qualification and Arnold Classic Europe invite. 

AMBITION: IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilder


What was it like getting on stage for the first time?

It was nerve wrecking and surreal but nothing I wasn’t expecting. I really enjoyed the whole experience.


How did you get into the gym?

My dad took me to the gym when I was 15 and I trained for powerlifting and football before dedicating the last three years solely to bodybuilding. I decided this is the direction I want to go down.


How did that develop into competing?

From constantly following the bodybuilding industry on social media, I felt I’d built enough muscle tissue to be able to present my first package on stage. I took my time and waited until I was ready in my own head to show a physique I was confident about.

Going through the quarter-turns. PHOTO by Christopher Bailey.

Going through the quarter-turns. PHOTO by Christopher Bailey.


Is it difficult to stay focused when most men your age are going out?

For me, this isn’t a problem at all. I have got a very active social life and see my mates on a regular basis but this happens in my spare time when I’m not in the gym, working or just generally prepping meals and eating. When you’re so mentally driven towards achieving a goal these types of distractions never really become an issue.


What are your goals for the rest of the season?

I really want to present my best package at the British, and do as well as I can as I’m fully aware that there will be some good junior bodybuilders up there.


What changes do you plan to make to your physique?

My arms have always been a stressful body part for me. Being tall, I’ve struggled to gain that real dense thick look to them so they’re definitely an area of my physique I’m always looking to improve. I’d really want my hamstrings to come into proportion with my quads too.


What is your training split?

I currently follow a push-pull-legs split and have been following Jordan Peters' website for a long time so a lot of my training gets adapted and changed based on the things I learn off that website. I have always looked at these big and extremely strong bodybuilders and aspired to be at that level one day


Describe a typical training session

I always start with my heavy compound lifts and focus on getting strong using consistent form and technique. Then as the workout comes to the end I add in more blood flow and volume work.


What is your favourite body part to train and why?

Legs have always been a body part that I find truly test your mental and physical strength more than any other muscle group. If you embrace the struggle of a disgusting leg day it can be just as enjoyable as it is painful.


What do you do for cardio?

I was progressively increasing the duration of my cardio sessions as the weeks went on in prep, with LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio, fasted in the morning as soon as I wake up. Then I’d be doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) post-workout 3-4 times a week.