Isaac Francis (second from right) wins junior men's physique. PHOTO: Christopher Bailey

Isaac Francis (second from right) wins junior men's physique. PHOTO: Christopher Bailey


Photography by Christopher Bailey

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Few shows offer greater rewards than the UK Nationals: win here and you can not only claim a coveted title with the world's only global bodybuilding and fitness federation, but also earn paid-for trips to the IFBB European and world championships.

So it has always drawn a strong line-up and the class of 2018 was no exception. For the best on the day, the Spanish coastal resort of Santa Susanna, which hosts next month's European Championships, beckons.A total of 94 competitors took to the stage, which for a drug-tested event with no beginners classes is excellent.

Once again at this competition, females accounted for more than half of entrants.The show, promoted by UKBFF vice-president Dennis Christopher at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, marked the start of another busy UKBFF season.

The action moves to Portsmouth in two weeks time for what is always one of the best shows of the year – the South Coast Championships, promoted by Paul Smith.

Rhea Gayle (second from right) wins bodyfitness. PHOTO: Christopher Bailey

Rhea Gayle (second from right) wins bodyfitness. PHOTO: Christopher Bailey


Former British champion diver Rhea Gayle is now making a splash in bodybuilding. She finished second at the British Championships in bodyfitness last year and followed that up with first here.

Rhea has breathtaking shape from all angles and will be a threat on the international stage. Runner-up Gergana Atkinson was impressively lean with solid glutes. Third place Sophie Greenslade has made an effortless transition from the juniors, with her well developed quads and shoulders creating stunning shape.

Magdalena Szymanska overcame Vida Salami in masters bodyfitness to claim invites to the European and world championships.

Shanice Graham's superb legs, tiny waist and tight conditioning took the up to 164 cm bikini fitness class, ahead of Megan Healey and Kate Batten. Shanice really fizzes on stage.

Lisa Graham, who took the up to 169 cm class, is a model of consistency. She knows the criteria and always turns up with the kind of all-round package that puts her in the first callout frame.

Lisa topped a strong top three, ahead of the stunning Bridget Foster and Claudia Paduraru, who had the day's best glutes but her overall level of muscularity may have been a little too much for bikini fitness.

Masters bikini fitness featured one of the best line-ups of the day: not one woman didn't look worthy of a national stage. The slender and beautifully-trained form of Laura Colledge got the verdict ahead of Rhianon Williams and Anna Stapley.

Clare Pritchard was also awarded a place in the UK team for over-45s at next month's Europeans.

Junior bikini champion Claudia Hodgson displayed a pleasing shape, excellent condition and presented well.

This time last year wellness was new. Now it's established as one of the most popular classes for the way it rewards, rather than penalises, women with muscular glutes and legs.

Tall and statuesque Jodie Frazer looked the part, dominating a strong line-up.

The audience was never more engaged than when fitness competitors Maggie Molyneaux and Katie Henry did their routines.

Maggie displayed lots of powerful gymnastic elements and Katie did a creative souped-up version of Swan Lake in a tutu. Maggie, who was in great nick, took the title.

Women's physique winner Meena Parker presented a healthy-looking physique with lots of detail.



Rus Ali, fresh from his IFBB Elite Pro qualifier in Greece, claimed victory in the classic class. Rus has always had some eye-catching body parts but his physique flows better now, combining serious muscle mass with shape.

Christian Beches' superior conditioning overcame the more muscular Adoni Rodriguez in the over-80 kg category. Adoni had an impressive back and legs and has potential.

In the up to 80 kg class, Tryan Hunter returned to reclaim the title he previously won two years ago. Tryan is no mass monster but his physique is aesthetic and balanced.

His victory denied Emi Roberti a double. Emi, who always turns up peeled, successfully defended his masters title but had to settle for second in his weight class.

Junior bodybuilding champion Alan Alasar had a nice, tight shape.



Isaac Francis is rapidly remerging as one of Britain's best men's physique prospects. He showed potential last year when he finished third at the British Championships: now he's a double UK Nationals champion and set to represent his country abroad.

First Isaac won the juniors; then he took a tough up to 173 cm height class showing the kind of shape that separates the best from the rest, with a really full and shapely upper body.

Isaac needed to be sharp because runner-up Abraham Iwakyn also displayed a fabulous structure. Sefon Huavenu, who would have benefited from a little more glaze, rounded out a quality top three.

Abdulrahman Aloumi consistently made the top three in contests last year but finally nailed the number one spot here in the up to 179 cm class. He defeated Dave Walters, whose sensational condition and great abs took the masters ahead if Alex Lemos and the improving Alexander Brimelow.

Darren Johnson claimed another first place trophy in the tall class. This guy keeps getting better and was on his mettle again to defeat the impressive Adenzle Doalogurn and Richard Folley. It will be interesting to see how he fares at the Europeans.


by John Plummer

Photography by Christopher Bailey

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Junior Bodybuilding

1 Alan Alasar


Junior Bikini Fitness

1 Claudia Hodgson

2 Sally Nguyen


Junior Men's Physique

1 Isaac Francis

2 Toby Owen

3 Rowley Bland

also competed: Gabriel Puscab



1 Jodie Frazer

2 Kirsty Grant

3 Lauren Eames

also competed: Chloe Butler, Shanda Carr and Nadine Sutherland


Masters Bodybuilding

1 Emi Roberti


Masters Men's Physique

1 Dave Walters

2 Alex Lemos

3 Alexander Brimelow

also competed: Graham Turp and Andrew Widdop


Masters Bikini Fitness

1 Laura Colledge

2 Rhianon Williams

3 Anna Stapley

also competed: Evelina Krapane, Clare Pritchard, Natalja Vasiljeva, Jodie Chalmers, Meg Laurence, Hajnalka Lipcsei and Anne Bulmer


Masters Bodyfitness

1 Magdalena Szymanska

2 Vida Salami



1 Maggie Molyneaux

2 Katie Henry


Classic Bodybuilding

1 Rus Ali

2 James Price

3 Nathaniel Summerland



1 Rhea Gayle

2 Gergana Atkinson

3 Sophie Greenslade

also competed: Natalie Slatford


Bodybuilding under-80 kg

1 Tryan Hunter

2 Emi Roberti

3 Lee Hersey

also competed: Prayag Dinesh and Jatinder Sahota


Bodybuilding under-90kg

1 Christian Beches

2 Adoni Rodriguez

3 Tomasz Nowak

also competed: Mohamad Alfayad


Women's Physique

1 Meena Parker


Bikini Fitness up to 164 cm

1 Shanice Graham

2 Megan Healey

3 Kate Batten

also competed: Dionne White, Inguna Plesa, Sylwia Tumilowicz, Ernestina Portnasa, Polina Hubavenska and Anne Bulmer


Bikini Fitness up to 169 cm

1 Lisa Graham

2 Bridget Foster

3 Claudia Paduraru

also competed: Kim Parker, Jodie Chalmers, Brigita Urbonas, Hajnalya Lipcsei, Claudia Hogson, Charlotte Lewis and Andressa Rivelles


Bikini Fitness over 169 cm

1 Marta Nowicka

2 Rhianon Williams

3 Nathalie Harasyn

also competed: Rebecca Collier and Natalja Vasiljeva


Men's Physique up to 173 cm

1 Isaac Francis

2 Abraham Iwakyn

3 Sefon Huavenu

also competed: Rez Ahmed, Toby Owen and Olu Olayeni


Men's Physique up to 179 cm

1 Abdulrahman Aloumi

2 Dave Walters

3 Mohammad Zadeh

also competed: Jonathan Copeland and Chris Ritchens


Men's Physique over 179 cm

1 Darren Johnson

2 Adenzle Doalogurn

3 Richard Folley

also competed: Ashley Tapp, Michal Kontra, Reza Rezamand, Matt Pilmoor, Gabor Juhasz and Gabriel Puscas