Two weeks ago Clare Pritchard competed in the masters bikini fitness class at the UK Nationals.

At 45 years old, Clare was giving away up to 10 years in age to the other nine women yet her nicely toned and balanced physique stood out.

She didn't make the top three but as international IFBB events have categories for over-45s, she was deemed good enough to represent her country at the European Championships in Spain next month.

She is one of 20-plus athletes selected to be part of the UK team, whose flights and hotel costs will be paid by the UKBFF.

Clare is a great example of how bodybuilding is something everyone can do.


NAME: Clare Pritchard

AGE: 45

HEIGHT: 163 cm / 5 ft 4

CONTEST WEIGHT: 55 kg / 121 lbs

CONTEST HIGHLIGHT: Being invited to the IFBB European Championships.

2018 AMBITION: Staying healthy and fit heading towards my fifties.

Clare on stage at the UK Nationals. PHOTO by Christopher Bailey.

Clare on stage at the UK Nationals. PHOTO by Christopher Bailey.


What made you start lifting weights at the age of 40?

As a busy working mum, I have very little free time. I started going to the gym to get some time for me and I fell in love with the way lifting weights made me feel.

What kind of shape were you in before then?

I enjoyed the odd spinning class but I wouldn’t say I was particularly fit.

How difficult was it to make the transition into bodybuilding?

It wasn’t really, it just evolved naturally the more I went to the gym.

How does it fit into your lifestyle and what do family and friends make of it?

It can be difficult fitting everything in and like many other working mums I rarely sit down and relax, but I wouldn’t change it. My family are proud of how committed I am and luckily I have supportive work colleagues who don’t mind me disappearing to eat another meal!

How does it feel to be selected to represent the UK at next month's IFBB European Championships?

Surreal and very exciting. It's a fantastic opportunity and I'm very grateful to the UKBFF.

What do you do in a typical training week now?

I plan my training with my coach depending on where I'm at competition-wise. I train four or five times a week with weights and run three times per week for cardio. I train upper body twice and lower twice per week. My favourites are shoulders and glutes.

Describe a typical shoulder workout

I love using the cables for shoulders, keeping the tension on.

How do you find being on stage in a bikini?

I love the glamour, the beautiful bikinis, the tan, the hair and make-up.....its an amazing feeling.

What do you eat in a typical day on diet?

Oats, home-made turkey breast burgers. Atlantic cod, salmon, courgette, cucumber and spinach (I try to stick to low FODMAP veggies), rice and sweet potato, as well as my favourite chocolate vegan protein powder, which always feels like a treat!