Few competitors have had more impact on the British scene in recent years than new IFBB Elite Pro Connie Slyziut.

She is a two-time British champion in junior bodyfitness and last year she also won the IFBB Ben Weider Legacy Cup.

Now she is one of Britain's first IFBB Elite Pros and can look forward to battling it out for more than $75,000 of prize money that will available in the bodyfitness class alone this year.


Name: Connie Slyziut

Height: 174 cm / 5 ft 8

Contest weight: 62 kg / 137 lbs

Best contest results: Two-time British Junior Bodyfitness champion; IFBB Ben Weider Legacy Cup bodyfitness champion; 2nd in bodyfitness at Arnold Classic Europe

Ambition: To inspire people and show them that goals are achievable with enough dedication and to juggle my two different career paths in bodybuilding and music.

Sponsor: BioTechUSA


Connie receives her IFBB Elite Pro card at last year's UKBFF British Championships. PHOTO: Christopher Bailey

Connie receives her IFBB Elite Pro card at last year's UKBFF British Championships. PHOTO: Christopher Bailey

How did you get into bodybuilding? When I was 16 I got my first gym membership. I started seeing all the fitness people on social media and dreamed one day I would step on stage too. I then started training properly and got addicted to seeing progress.

What made you choose bodyfitness? I love how athletic and balanced this class is. It has the perfect balance of both, muscles and femininity.

What does it mean to be an IFBB Elite Pro and what are your plans for 2018? It means the world. My dream come true. I always had a goal to become the youngest bodyfitness pro in the UK and with all the work I have put in, it has come true. I am currently off-season as I need to grow if I want to stand a chance against a pro line up so in terms on competitions coming up: we will see!

What's your training split?

Monday: Shoulders

Tuesday: Hamstrings and glutes

Wednesday: Back and calves

Thursday: chest and arms / rest (alternate weeks)

Friday: Shoulders

Saturday: Quadriceps

Sunday: Rest

How many exercises, set and reps do you do per body part? It really varies. It can go from 3 exercises of 4 x 12 to 5 exercises of 3 x 20.

You're known for your shoulders. Give us a sample workout.

4 x 12 Standing shoulder press 4

3 x 12 Seared Arnold press

3 x 25 Partial lateral raises superset with 3 x 15 rope pulls

6 x 10 Single arm lateral raises while leaning sideways on a bench

3 x 12 Rear dumbbell raises superset with 3 x 12 front raises 3 x 12

Most effective form of cardio? Definitely the StairMaster.

It's unusual to see someone so young consistently nail their condition - how do you do it? It is possible with the right guidance from your coach. You also have to give 100 per cent without any slip-ups during your contest prep.

Favourite music to train to: Old school hip-hop and rap

Advice to newcomers: Everything is possible as long as you are dedicated and have the mindset of a champion.