UKBFF Sugar Classic 2017

Six weeks after 700-plus competitors entered the UKBFF British Championships, 201 more lined up in Leicester for Sugar's Classic.
The event, the last of 2017, provided opportunities to qualify for next year's Arnold Classics and the national championships.
With 25 elite pro events and a total of €1m prize money on the IFBB international calendar, 2018 holds plenty of opportunities for amateur and pro competitors at home and abroad.
Sugar's Classic, named after long-serving UKBFF vice-president Dennis 'Sugar' Christopher, included a guest spot by local bodybuilder Joval Gordon, whose physique really comes alive when he poses.

Adam Taylor, cheered by a sizeable following, showed lots of cuts and detail in winning the over-90 kg category. Runner-up Otto Horvath was also in good shape and pushed him hard.
Warren Manners, whose physique always scores highly on aesthetics, took top spot in the large up to 90 kg class, which had 11 competitors.
Under-80 kg champion Raju Mian had beautiful lines and outstanding conditioning. He will need more muscle to progress in the sport but he certainly has a good base to build on. Kamil Dzierzanowski's solid and compact physique, which included eye-catching legs, took the 70 kg class.
There were two quality champion in the masters. In the over-40s, DeeCee Clarkson had too much mass for his opponents. His legs were particularly voluminous. One of the great characters of British bodybuilding, Vince Wedderburn, claimed yet another winner's trophy in the over-50s.
In the juniors, third placed Joe Webb had a really chunky physique with excellent legs. Runner-up Raju Miah was peeled and winner Denis Ivanov had a combination of all the required qualities.
Classic bodybuilding was, as ever, keenly contested. Tall class winner Jack Connor's impressive shape and conditioning stood out. Runner-up George Bale's abs were exceptional and Keith Turner, in third, was absolutely peeled. Short class winner Thomas Ondik had a striking front double biceps pose.

Muscular men's physique didn't come on stage until 9.30pm, some eight-and-a-half hours after the show had started. But the audience immediately came to life for this increasingly popular class. Wagner Da Silva's standout shoulders were a factor in securing first place at this event. 
Kleris Zoga had the distinction of winning the largest class of the day. He topped a 20-strong line-up in the open up to 178 cm men's physique class, thanks to the extra fullness in his chest and for possessing that smooth-but-tight look men's physique is all about.
Damien Wood's cheese-grater midsection helped him take first place in the over 178 cm line-up.
Junior champion Kleris Zogo had excellent aesthetics and a bigger chest than his rivals. Masters winner Syed Rahat Ali Shah had a really tight, tiny waist and good looks.

Wellness only began a year ago but is now regularly amongst the most popular categories. Fourteen women entered the category at this contest and the top three was outstanding. Ellie Hargreaves' terrific shape was rewarded with third. Runner-up Clare Drain, competing in only her second contest and first since becoming a mother, had superb glute development. But few women 'out-glute' winner Stefanie Griffin. With her big booty, tiny waist and incredible calves she has crazy genetics that are well suited to the class.
The two open bikini fitness classes both had 19-strong line-ups stacked with talent. Nottingham's Dionne White won the up to 166 cm division to underline her status as one of the year's breakthrough bikini stars. Stunning Marta Nowicka took the tall class.
Lily Ossanlow bossed a large junior bikini fitness line-up, showing well sculpted legs and a nicely-balanced body. Hannah Cave's superb glutes secured second, ahead of the statuesque and shapely Zoe Green. It turned out to be quite a day for Cave, who also finished second in the open tall class.
Stuntwoman Joanne Batten dialled in her condition to win a 12-strong masters bikini fitness class. Her back was particularly impressive.
In bodyfitness, Emi Wokoma Gough's shape and dazzling stage presence earned her another winner's trophy. This woman definitely has the X factor. The tall and shapely Leoni Hall was second, one place ahead of Yaa Yaa Afriyie, who was really on for this event, with great definition and eye-catching abs.
Afriyie also finished runner-up in masters bodyfitness, where Sally Knights' nicely balanced shape took first place.
Women's physique winner Ade Bishop isn't the biggest in the division but what she has is all quality: her lines flow beautifully and this, along with her tight conditioning, was enough to win a high class affair. Runner-up Sara Saunby, back after a lengthy stage absence, had great shape and a dynamic routine.